Volume 109

October 2020

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    1. Editorial Board

      Article 106507
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    1. What is the prevalence and risk of cannabis use disorders among people who use cannabis? a systematic review and meta-analysis

      Article 106479
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    1. Cognitive dynamics of intertemporal choice in gambling disorder

      Article 106463
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    2. Historical trends of admitted patients by selected substances and their significant patient’s level factors

      Article 106478
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    3. Mental health, pain, and risk of drug misuse: A nationwide cohort study

      Article 106467
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    4. Estimates of Caffeine Use Disorder, Caffeine Withdrawal, Harm and Help-seeking in New Zealand: A cross-sectional survey

      Article 106470
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    5. Effects of couple conflict on alcohol craving: Does intimate partner violence play a role?

      Article 106474
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    6. Evaluating alcohol demand, craving, and depressive symptoms among women in alcohol treatment

      Article 106475
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    7. The role of education and other transition milestones in the progression of social inequalities in cigarette smoking between the ages of 18 and 25: Evidence from the Canadian National Population Health Survey

      Article 106476
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    8. Distinct psychological profiles among college students with substance use: A cluster analytic approach

      Article 106477
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    9. Trends and predictors of exclusive e-cigarette use, exclusive smoking and dual use among youth in Canada

      Article 106481
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    10. Metacognitions about problematic Smartphone use: Development of a self-report measure

      Article 106484
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    1. Gambling-related harms attributable to lotteries products

      Article 106472
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  4. Article from the Special Issue on Role of Peer Support and Mutual Aid in Reducing Harm from Tobacco, Alcohol, Drugs and Other Addictive Behaviors; Edited by Amanda L. Baker, Victoria Manning, Peter Kelly

    1. The role of peer support and mutual aid in reducing harm from alcohol, drugs and tobacco in 2020

      Article 106480
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  5. Article from the Special Issue on Role of The Development and Evaluation of Novel, Youth E-cigarette Prevention and Cessation Programs; Edited by Bonnie Halpern-Felsher, Shivani Mathur Gaiha

    1. Evaluating the actual and perceived effectiveness of E-cigarette prevention advertisements among adolescents

      Article 106473
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ISSN: 0306-4603

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