Volume 206

Pages 1-220 (19 June 2016)

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    1. Contents

      Pages v-vi
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  1. Contributions

    1. House-swapping with divorcing and engaged pairs

      Pages 1-8
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    2. On Wiener and multiplicative Wiener indices of graphs

      Pages 9-14
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    3. Adjacency polynomials of digraph transformations

      Pages 15-38
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    4. Complexity aspects of the triangle path convexity

      Pages 39-47
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    5. Intersection graphs of L-shapes and segments in the plane

      Pages 48-55
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    6. Disjoint Hamilton cycles in transposition graphs

      Pages 56-64
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    7. Pages 65-72
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    8. Detour trees

      Pages 73-80
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    9. Pages 81-89
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    10. On the extreme eccentric distance sum of graphs with some given parameters

      Pages 90-99
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    11. Pages 100-108
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    12. Improving the characterization of P-stability for applications in network privacy

      Pages 109-114
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    13. On del-robust primitive words

      Pages 115-121
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    14. Core-based criterion for extreme supermodular functions

      Pages 122-151
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    15. On the further relation between the (revised) Szeged index and the Wiener index of graphs

      Pages 152-164
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    16. A minimax result for perfect matchings of a polyomino graph

      Pages 165-171
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    17. Clique cover products and unimodality of independence polynomials

      Pages 172-180
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  2. Notes

    1. Largest domination number and smallest independence number of forests with given degree sequence

      Pages 181-187
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    2. On the uniqueness of some girth eight algebraically defined graphs

      Pages 188-194
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    3. On the distance spread of cacti and bicyclic graphs

      Pages 195-202
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    4. The maximum matching energy of bicyclic graphs with even girth

      Pages 203-210
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    5. On the geodetic iteration number of the contour of a graph

      Pages 211-214
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    6. Neighbor sum distinguishing total choosability of planar graphs without 4-cycles

      Pages 215-219
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ISSN: 0166-218X

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