Volume 46, Issue 7

Pages A1-A24, 907-1014 (July 2020)

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    1. Editorial Board

      Page A2
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    1. Table of Contents

      Pages A7-A8
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    1. Guidelines for Authors and Reviewers

      Pages A10, A12, A14, A16, A18, A20
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    1. QR Codes

      Page A21
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  1. Editorial

    1. Insights into the July 2020 Issue of the Journal of Endodontics

      Pages 907-908
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  2. CONSORT Randomized Clinical Trial

    1. Influence of an Audiovisual Resource on the Preoperative Anxiety of Adult Endodontic Patients: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial

      Pages 909-914
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  3. Review Article

    1. Preferred Reporting Items for Epidemiologic Cross-sectional Studies on Root and Root Canal Anatomy Using Cone-beam Computed Tomographic Technology: A Systematized Assessment

      Pages 915-935
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    2. Cryotherapy: A New Paradigm of Treatment in Endodontics

      Pages 936-942
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  4. Regenerative Endodontics

    1. Neural Regeneration/Remodeling in Engineered Coronal Pulp Tissue in the Rat Molar

      Pages 943-949
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    2. Effects of Calcitonin Gene-related Peptide on Dental Pulp Stem Cell Viability, Proliferation, and Differentiation

      Pages 950-956
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  5. Basic Research

    1. Biology

      1. Warm Gutta-Percha Techniques Regulate Cell Viability, Heat Shock, and Mineralized Tissue–associated Proteins of Cementoblasts

        Pages 957-963
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      2. The Antimicrobial Peptide LL-37 Promotes Migration and Odonto/Osteogenic Differentiation of Stem Cells from the Apical Papilla through the Akt/Wnt/β-catenin Signaling Pathway

        Pages 964-972
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    2. Technology

      1. Cleaning and Shaping Ability of Gentlefile, HyFlex EDM, and ProTaper Next Instruments: A Combined Micro–computed Tomographic and Scanning Electron Microscopic Study

        Pages 973-979
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      2. Effect of Vehicle and Agitation Methods on the Penetration of Calcium Hydroxide Paste in the Dentinal Tubules

        Pages 980-986
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      3. Artificial Intelligence for the Computer-aided Detection of Periapical Lesions in Cone-beam Computed Tomographic Images

        Pages 987-993
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      4. Mechanical Properties of a Novel Nickel-titanium Root Canal Instrument: Stationary and Dynamic Tests

        Pages 994-1001
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  6. Case Report/Clinical Techniques

    1. Preservation of a Split Tooth: Nonsurgical Clinical Management

      Pages 1002-1008
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  7. Letters to the Editor

    1. Concerns Regarding the Article: Alhadainy et al. J Endod. 2019;45:483-489

      Page 1009
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    2. Reply

      Pages 1009-1010
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  8. Society News

    1. Associate Registry

      Pages 1011-1013
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