Volume 787

10 June 2020

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    1. Editorial Board

      Article 139625
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  1. Research papers

    1. Additive manufacturing of an Fe–Cr–Ni–Al maraging stainless steel: Microstructure evolution, heat treatment, and strengthening mechanisms

      Article 139470
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    2. Towards stronger high-entropy alloy by nanoprecipitation-hardened ultrafine-/nano-grains

      Article 139474
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    3. UP-quenched SAE 4130 steel: Mechanical properties assessment and bainite formation

      Article 139479
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    4. Microstructures and tensile properties of a selective laser melted Al–Zn–Mg–Cu (Al7075) alloy by Si and Zr microalloying

      Article 139492
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    5. Influence of heat treatment on the microstructural evolution and mechanical properties of W6Mo5Cr4V2Co5Nb (825 K) high speed steel

      Article 139480
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    6. Harmonically structured Ti–6Al–4V alloy with ultrahigh strength fabricated by thermomechanical consolidation of mechanically milled TiH2/Al60V40 powder blend

      Article 139493
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    7. Enhanced strength-plasticity combination in an Al–Cu–Mg alloy——atomic scale microstructure regulation and strengthening mechanisms

      Article 139447
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    8. Microstructure and mechanical properties of ultra-lightweight Mg-Li-Al/Al-Li composite produced by accumulative roll bonding at ambient temperature

      Article 139494
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    9. Analysis of the creep behavior of fine-grained AZ31 magnesium alloy

      Article 139489
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    10. High strength and large ductility of a fine-grained Al–Mg alloy processed by high strain rate hot rolling and cold rolling

      Article 139481
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    11. Interfacial characteristics and mechanical properties of duplex stainless steel bimetal composite by heat treatment

      Article 139513
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    12. Coarsening behavior of γʹ precipitates and compression deformation mechanism of a novel Co–V–Ta–Ti superalloy

      Article 139455
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    13. Diffusional and displacive transformations in interstitial-free steel within the scope of a critical assessment of the mechanical property

      Article 139519
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    14. Development of low-silver content SAC0307 solder alloy with Al2O3 nanoparticles

      Article 139439
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    15. Elasto-viscoplastic tensile behavior of as-forged Ti-1023 alloy: Experiments and micromechanical modeling

      Article 139491
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    16. Microstructure and mechanical properties of dissimilar friction stir welds in austenitic-duplex stainless steels

      Article 139499
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    17. Impact of hot isostatic pressing on the mechanical and microstructural properties of additively manufactured Ti–6Al–4V fabricated using directed energy deposition

      Article 139454
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    18. Process optimization and mechanical property investigation of non-weldable superalloy Alloy713ELC manufactured with selective electron beam melting

      Article 139485
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    19. Improved mechanical property of nanolaminated graphene (reduced graphene oxide)/Al–Mg–Si composite rendered by facilitated ageing process

      Article 139541
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    20. Effect of tempering and deep cryogenic treatment on microstructure and mechanical properties of Cr–Mo–V–Ni steel

      Article 139520
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    21. Evaluations of tensile properties as a function of austenitizing temperature and springback by V-bending testing in medium-Mn steels

      Article 139534
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    22. Anisotropic mechanical properties and deformation behavior of low-carbon high-strength steel component fabricated by wire and arc additive manufacturing

      Article 139514
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    23. Effect of boron on G115 martensitic heat resistant steel during aging at 650 °C

      Article 139529
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    24. The effect of cold rolling degree on microstructure, crystallographic texture and mechanical properties of Haynes® 282® wrought nickel superalloy

      Article 139478
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    25. Effect of boron carbide addition on strengthening mechanisms, cold workability and instantaneous strain hardening behaviour of Cu4Si14Zn nanocomposites

      Article 139538
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    26. Influences of nitrogen alloying on microstructural evolution and tensile properties of CoCrFeMnNi high-entropy alloy treated by cold-rolling and subsequent annealing

      Article 139472
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    27. Tensile properties prediction by multiple linear regression analysis for selective laser melted and post heat-treated Ti-6Al-4V with microstructural quantification

      Article 139549
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    28. Fatigue behavior of Zr-based metallic glass micropillars

      Article 139503
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    29. Towards the prediction of intergranular fatigue crack initiation in metals due to hydrogen

      Article 139488
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    30. Flow behavior and dynamic recrystallization mechanism of A5083 aluminum alloys with different initial microstructures during hot compression

      Article 139522
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    31. Tailoring hardness gradient in Ni50·3Ti29.7Hf20 high temperature shape memory alloy through thermal treatment

      Article 139518
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  2. Short communications

    1. Enhanced strength and ductility synergy in aluminum composite with heterogeneous structure

      Article 139431
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    2. Room temperature yielding phenomenon in extruded or/and aged Mg-14Gd-2Ag-0.5Zr alloy with fine-grained microstructure

      Article 139551
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    3. Unveiling the strengthening mechanism of laser welded fusion zone of dissimilar Ni-based superalloys

      Article 139453
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  3. Special Section on Cellular Materials; Edited by Isabel Duarte

    1. The effect of strut size on microstructure and compressive strength of porous Ti6Al4V lattices printed via Direct Ink Writing

      Article 139484
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ISSN: 0921-5093

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